Google Ads

Google Ads is a platform that allows businesses to design and manage online advertising campaigns. It includes search campaigns, display campaigns, remarketing campaigns, and YouTube campaigns. A search campaign is triggered when a user enters a set of keywords selected by the advertiser. The advertiser’s ad appears at the top or bottom of the search results and they only pay when a user clicks on their ad. The main goals of a search campaign are to raise exposure and brand recognition, create leads and sales, and direct traffic to the website. A display campaign shows ads across a variety of websites, allowing advertisers to reach a specific audience and target them based on their interests, activity, and geography. Remarketing campaigns allow businesses to reconnect with visitors who have previously expressed interest in their products or services. YouTube video advertising is the process of promoting a product or service through ads hosted on the YouTube platform. These ads can be tailored to specific viewers using YouTube’s targeting features and analytics.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics service by Google that provides insights on website performance, user behavior, and marketing campaigns. It tracks visitor behavior on a website, including pageviews, time spent, and bounce rate, and enables tracking of e-commerce transactions and marketing campaigns. The tool also allows setting goals for a website, helping track progress and improve its online presence through data-driven decisions.


Geomarketing uses geographic data to direct marketing efforts in specific regions. The process starts with defining target zones and identifying clients who enter these zones using their mobile devices. Ads are then sent to these customers based on their preferences and online behavior, optimized by AI technologies. The campaign’s ROI is calculated by tracking conversions and the information gathered is used to improve marketing strategies.


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